Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Formulating my Formula 1 formula;

2009 = F13

P.S: (Is it allowed to put the post script before the script itself??!) *Anyhuu, Gream, I told you you’d be the first to know :-)*

My good peoples, although I am quite sure that what I am about to blog about is pretty much useless information to most of you, kindly indulge me won’t you?! (Hehe, is it too obvious I still haven’t mastered the art of beginning a blog post?!!)

Anyhuuuu, here’s the thing. I am absolutely determined to go for 3 grand prix this year. The first one next week 5th of April in Malaysia Sepang circuit, Jamiroquai is performing at this one, the 2nd one Singapore, the only grand prix that is held at night on 27th September and the last one the Dubai grand prix in Abu Dhabi which will be the finale for the season, 1st November.

Now, all this is easier said than done. Sepang circuit will be tricky because it’s so soon and I hadn’t planned for it in terms of finances, but due to proximity to where I stay it is possible. I might not be able to get grandstand tickets but hey, as long I am somewhere where I can catch the action right?! And besides, the sun still scorches those at the grandstand the way it scorches the rest.

Singapore also shouldn’t be too hard. The tricky bit is that due to the unique nature of that particular grand prix (The fact that it is held at night) tickets get sold out really fast. This means that I can’t take my sweet time saving for tickets and what not, I need to have booked and purchased my ticket by July, especially if I want to get into the grandstand for this one. Another problem is that so far I’m the only person I know who’s keen on spending a tiny fortune just to catch the F1. If I travel alone, that means it will be more costly in terms of travel and accommodation. Plus catching all the action and getting pissed afterwards all alone is really not too much fun.

Now the Abu Dhabi one is where the real challenge comes. I plan on getting a transit visa on my flight back home. Getting the transit visa is hard enough as it is. Plus I already have a Qatar airways ticket which transits in Doha so I need to figure out a way around that because I don’t plan on getting another ticket. Also, because this is the season finale, grand prix tickets get sold out faster than a drunk can piss on himself.

Haidhuru, where there’s a will there is a way and no matter how bad I am at math this is one equation I am determined to get right! Any contributions towards Loco’s F1 2009 agenda will be highly appreciated, and funds can be given by cash, cheque, IOU’s and food because I will be broke most of the year! *Insert cute little pleading face here*


Get into my groove – Incognito feat Jamiroquai

Who knows – Acoustic Alchemy

The way you move – Earth, Wind and Fire feat Kenny G

On the bookshelve:

Home and exile – Chinua Achebe

On my wall:

Virtuvian Man – Leonardo da Vinci


bankelele said...

Best wishes with your travel plans. Attended the US races, but will have to wait till Bernie Ecclestone yanks Silverstone and brings a race to South Africa before I can attend another one

We will be glued to our TV sets on Sunday morning. One good thing about Nairobi is the time zone favour reasonable watching hours for almost 90% of the races

I’d aim for sepang and skip Abu Dhabi, - Malaysia has great races, unpredictable (but hot) weather and with the poor economy, tickets should remain affordable and plenty

SG said...

All the best in your chase. May the best City win! Ama?

Now about the contribution, am just from the bank my $ account reads $25 a transfer to a foreign account will charge US$18.9. See how much you get? Things need to get better.

Never been a huge fan of the F1 even as much as I love cars. I think its time I move from knowing the basics to the deep stuff

smothyz said...

walalala...si yu in a fix???thyke!!lets see my teacher told me that 1+1=2, but then my gurl who has a degree in statistics tell me 1+1=1....mmmhhh that's confusing considering i dint make it to Uni...so pole cant help yu, maybe yu should just stay home and sleep...catch dexter going crasey or just get a portable teli and move around with it that way yu might seem like yu moving with the crowd plus the action...like i said 1+1= what again????damn these mathematics

Mwistar said...

I'm sick with envy, especially since they cut the Grand Prix circuit in Montreal [and the rest of North America for that matter].

Loco said...

@ Bankelele: thanks, If you watch the sepang one keenly you'll see me somewhere in the crowds screaming my lungs hoarse. I hear there are rumors that South Africa may not be too far off ;-)

@ SG: Hehehe, when I run out of instant noodles I'm coming for that $1.1 contribution. LOL!

@ Smothy: Teeheehee, eii, now I know who I won't go to for math tuition,your math!! I'm diggin that whole portable telly idea, so if all else fails....

@ Mwistar: It sucks that the closest race to you guys is the Brazilian GP, and even that isn't exactly an overnighter kinda distance. Not to worry though, I will try to have enough fun for all of you (hehe, see how generous I am :-)

Loco said...

Slight update, someone offered to get me a free ticket for the Sepang GP :-D And it's grandstand!! Double :-D Yipeeeee!

Mo said...

How was Sepang!? I went for the 2005 one and it ROCKED. Man, Im jealous.

lol said...

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