Thursday, May 17, 2007

Posta Numero Uno (Can you tell am dotting?)

So this current bloggerdiction craze is sweeping across the world and after much resistance I decided to get myself swept up in it and whadyu know, here I am posting in my very own blogsite.
Firstly, sorry 4 the lame name (Hey that rhymed, teeheehee) but it's 5.00 in the morning, I havent slept all night and I have an exam in 4 hours so thats the best I could come up with.
Now al be extremely frank and acknowledge that being a newbie I'm eager to do a bit of tinkering and see what I can do to make my blog page more interesting (Geez, sound like a kid in a candy store, and to make it worse I kinda feel like one too..... uuuuuuuuugh!!) N e who,,,,, on with my tinkering, when I post again maybe the site will be different.