Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Conversing with the inner you

So, anyone who after reading the title expects some deep philosophical discourse, move along, there is nothing to see here!!

We all have our inner demons or angels. Persona's so to speak. Some more than others. personally, in the playground I have aptly named Loco's coco (My head), there resides a colorful cast of characters. With a few bunnies connoudling there and some intense divas coupled with some oddball weirdos and the occasional sadist, I can say with some degree of certainty that it's a few clowns short of a circus up there. However, I insist that I have a one up on that bitch from the United States of Tara. Why you ask? Because I've mastered the art of controlling my muppets. Haha, totally zenish right? "Sensei-Nisei!!!" This control however comes after a lot of practice and some intense inner dialogue. I present to you today one of the heart to hearts I've had with an inner me.

This particular inner me is one of the saner ones. In fact, she's down right dull and square. She's an old ditty hag named Dorothy who if left up to her own devices would live her life holed up on a chilly mountain somewhere in Andalusia with four cats and a cellar full of wines to keep her company. She (herein after christen Dot) is a sure lover of her wines and LOLcats.

The following is a conversation Dot and I had the other weekend.

Loco: Dot, would you like to pop by the mall with me and pick up a bottle of wine? We can stay in this weekend
*Clammerining and shouts of boredom from the other me's*
Loco: Aww zip it the rest of you or I'll get a lobotomy and Kick you all out!!
Dot: Yeah sure, sounds good.
Loco: Okay, lets go.
*Music, on the road again.....*
Dot: You know, you really shouldn't drive when you're thinking about so much stuff, you could cause an accident.
Loco: Dot, be a sport and shut the fuck up about my driving.
*We drive in silence till we get to the mall, one hour to closing time*
Loco: Since I'm here, I might as well grab a book. Need to stimulate the old noggin now and then.
Dot: Whatever
*I get into the bookstore and ask for Tom holt. the attendant scurries about to look for the supervisor to search for it*
Dot: You know they don't have it, you're wasting your time.
Loco: Shaddup
*Half an hour later, the reporter reports back from the bermuda triangle*
Supervisor: There's only one copy of the book.
LOco: (To Dot) Told you!! (To the supervisor) I'll take it.
Dot: Whatever
Supervisor: Oh, sorry maam, it's at the Damansara store.
*Note, this store is an hour hour, the eejit!!*
Dot: Told you
Loco: Shaddup!!!

There was a point to this post. I forgot it. Blame the ADD. But seeing as how all six of you who read this blog are very intelligent, I'm sure you won't be too hard pressed to figure out some moral of sorts in this :-)