Sunday, June 28, 2009

Amuleto by Crystal Jade

I was going to do a review of a fantastic restaurant that I went to. Amuleto by crystal Jade. I had it all written in my head. How the service was unbelivablly good, and the food was so tasty I almost dreamt about it last night, how the music was fantastic and the wine just rounded it off, and mostly how it was affordable. Haha, funny how words just fly out of my head when I start thinking bout the things I don't want to think about.

This is not one of the times I'll try to craft an elaborate post full of wit or metaphors and whatnot. Because right now I'm feeling stripped bare. I suppose this is how Adam and Eve felt when they did the naughty nookie wookie and realised they were butt nekkid. Vulnerable, confused, ashamed, abit jaded maybe with a smitten of regret and a tinge of a rosy blush to round off this unholy cocktail of emotion.

Ha, emotion. No wonder I used to scoff at the word, because it involves feeling, and feeling makes you do things which lead to other feeling later and it becomes one unending convoluted cycle of feelingness. But true to form I never listen to the inner me, Oh no never, I ignore all that tells me not to feel and go right ahead and do the deed... I feel.

Of late, I've been a horrid person. I've been a bad friend, daughter, sister, girlfriend, colleague, Hehe, and you can imagine how it makes me feel knowing I'm letting down everybody who dares to even put up with me, true story, I even cheated on my blog with twitter. Maybe some people (Read me) are just born bad and all we can do is act good and hope the horns won't peek out of the facade. Well, maybe I just picked a bad hairdresser because the horns are peeking, and maybe I shouldn't have gone off the ritalin because the tail is getting restless and swishing.

They say the devil wears prada, what do imps like me wear?! Gucchi, Burberry maybe?! I wouldn't mind a nice plaid pair of stilletos. Why do I say this, because I know how horrible I am, and I know it won't change for a long time. As I told 3CB, the core forever remains constant, and mine's rotten. So welcome to my world if you dare, know that I will use you for all you can give me and I shall give nothing in return, know that I shall not care no matter how much you do and Know that I'm not changing, and bring you're tanning gear, because apparently evil ones like me reside in hot areas.

Dark Days - Fat Freddy's drop
Free Again - Ledisi
I am - Kindred Family Soul