Friday, February 13, 2009

But you still don't know me

So I was tagged on the facebook thing, was too lazy to come up with a new post and I decided to copy paste that here. After reading your blogs and being thoroughly amused by how mental most of you are, I updated my bloglist, if I still haven't added yours, usijali, it's coming, I just chokaad doing that add thing...... Here goes....

So now ave been tagged for this 25 things bout me thingy and I thought I'd give it a try..... y'all know the rules; tag the person who tagged you and 25 other peeps to do the same.... sawa basi twende kazi.....

1. Most people wonder why my name is spelt different from the norm, urm sorry to bust your pweety bubbles but I am not that creative, the pastor who was writing my baptism certificate misspelt my names so many times, I just took the closest one!
2. I can be extremely superficial! I refused to buy a grey/black/silver laptop because I think they look too cliché, never mind the specs!
3. People tell me I mood swing a lot. I personally just think that a very colourful cast of characters resides in me and each character has to be given their 15 minutes of fame
4. I’m scared shitless at the thought of going to see my OBGYN, must be those duck lips, the violation!!
5. I love African literature; I am currently in the process of trying to collect the whole of the African Writers Series.
6. Pick up lines are a constant source of amusement and entertainment for me, as in seriously, the sheer idiocy of men thinking those things will work!!
7. There’s something about clubs and hot strangers that makes me just act a fool, add tequila to that equation and you have the topic of conversation for the next three coffee get-togethers with my gurlfwenz....
8. I absolutely love my locs, they were inspired in small part after meeting a certain fella named D... refer to no. 9
9. I have an absolute thing for men with locs.... it’s a fetish!!
10. I am not intelligent. (Yes, I came out the closet about my blondeness!!) I talk so much one or two intelligent things are bound to escape, people just tend to focus on that
11. The biggest compliment you can pay me is telling me that I am mature..... many a man has scored big points using that compliment
12. I want a pet monkey that I can teach how to use the toilet, I tried with men and failed!
13. I absolutely can’t stand it when men leave my toilet seat up!!!!! Urrrrrgh!!!! See No. 12
14. I have been told I have built a wall around my heart, who hasn’t?
15.It really pisses me off when a man wants out from a relationship and claims he is doing it for her best interest. Oh come on! If her best interests did not lie in that relationship don’t you think she’d have left your sorry ass a long time ago??? (Woosah!!!)
16. I usually oscillate between thinking that sex is overrated and that it’s God’s gift to mankind.
17. Am a die-hard BMW F1 supporter but I secretly root for Kimi Raikonnen and get delirious when he wins a grand prix (Urm, guess it’s not so secret anymore)
18. I carry a dictionary around with me in my handbag, don't ask me why
19. I name inanimate objects; my laptop is sherby, my phone Oliver, my favourite teaspoon Al....
20. My sanity, or lack thereof has come into question on numerous occasions
21. I still can’t understand why world peace has not been achieved yet
22. I secretly watch and enjoy kid programs like that’s so Raven, Hannah Montana, Teletubbies, Gummi Bears..... (hmm, I guess that’s also not so secret anymore!)
23. My friends T-baby and S-luv insist that I hate clowns, I insist otherwise. I am just generally very suspicious of them, I think that anyone who can have a job as depressing as being a clown has the capacity to become a serial killer.
24. Perpetual procrastination is a disease. I have been afflicted since as long ago as I can remember
25. For number 25 c_c_c_call me and we'll discuss futher

Off now to find 25 other random crazies to tag and make their lives miserable coming up with these 25 thingies, if you are on my blogroll consider yourselve tagged or even if you happen to read this... have a fabulous one now won't you?!!!cHiArZ!!

Uthando Lwakho - Nhlanhla Nciza
Evidence - Thelonius Monk
Soul Music - Lisa McClendon

The big book of crossword puzzles


bankelele said...

another f1 fan? yeah. Kimi had a very flat 2008, no push, no motivation. Hope Ferrari didn't blunder by keeping him employed for another year

Mo said...

Another Malaysian victim, eh?

I just left after what felt like 50 yrs, lah.

*wonders where he can get nasi goreng and nasi lemak in nairobi...*

|d®| said...

'That's So Raven' rules. She's hilarious.

And about procrastination: never do today what you can do tomorrow. Or is it the other way around?

KK said...

Now I feel like I know you too well and cannot be objective when commenting.
On procrastination... I have learnt that if U wait till the last minute... it only takes u, well, just a minute

Anonymous said...

nw i knw u r neva gonna win an argument against me! u knw y? cz i am very inteligent unlike u! bt all the same they all love u 4 what u are n thats cool. i bet i wouldnt guess 5 more thngs about u out of a possible 75 more thngs about u bt anyway i guess i now knw enaf about u! it wouldnt hurt to Do 100 tho!

smothyz said...

n i thot i was crazy...compared to u...gurl i come across very bench's name bak@ home's called julio...beat that!!

Loco said...

@Bank: He's test drives in Bahrain were pretty good so lets just cross our fingers (In secret for me though!) that it's an indication of is performance this season. Thanks for dropping by at mine :-)

@Mo: LOL!! Terimah Kasih lah!! If you miss it too much drop me a shout and I'll send you a care package complete with Nasi Lemak, Ayam goreng and Mee goreng!! Hehe!

@Dr: Phew, am not the only one, watching it is justifiable right?!! Procrastination should be a way of life.... oh, wait a minute, it is for me!!

@KK: LOLEST!! You know me just enough :-) LOL again on procrastination, if only more people thought like that!

@Anon: Hehe, touche on the argument, refer to my rudiments of writing post!! I tried doing 100, got to 39 and started surfing for funny bumper stickers, sidi I mention I have ADD?! Teeheehee, there's one more!!

@Smothyz: YOU, NORMAL?!!! LOLEST!! I die laughing at the thought, if there's a hell for crazies we burning together!!

Sibbie said...

Lol. . So what's the colour of your laptop? Pink? Hehe. I too name my stuff. . .oh and I talk to them too (I'm thinking I probably shouldn't have said that)

31337 said...

hannah montana, i might or might not watch her on occasion..

Nubian Queen said...

^^ Haha spongebob now wud me my guilty pleasure!!...
Procrastinators unite....LATER!!!

SupremeGREAM said...

I guess the oscillation on 16 depends on how good or bad you get right?

SupremeGREAM said...

Have I ever mentioned how I love some of your playlist collection? Thelonious Monk is gold! Waoh. I bet you have some Billie Holiday too right?

SupremeGREAM said...

Last comment on this one, thanks for the add. I should reciprocate.

Loco said...

@Sibbie: I finally settled for white, she's called Sherby :-) Hahahaha!! Yep, you probly shouldn't have said that!! LOLEST!

@31337: These guilty pleasures we indulge in cannot afford to be kept secret any longer, Hannah Montana rules!!

@Nubian Queen: Let anyone who doesn't like spongebob raise their hands right now (Looks around and see's no hand raised) Aha, so we're not alone!!

@Gream: Uh-huh, but fortunately I tend to lean towards bad most of the time *Insert naughty grin here*. I most definitely have some Billie Holiday, you cannot get away from Billie's Blues!! And you have great taste in music!! You're always welcome at mine!!

lol said...

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