Monday, June 4, 2007


Am freeeeeeeeeeeeee. Am done with my semester, and good riddance too. No more Struggling to think of excuses to give my lecturers pertaining to why I missed class. No more feeling that twinge of guilt when I sleep till 2.00 and miss a lecture. And best of all no more struggling to catch up with a shitload of assignments that can drive someone up the figurative wall. What do I get in exchange, unlimited access to Yep, I can sleep as much as I want. I finally get to go swimming at whatever time I want, no more staring at people from my balcony and wishing it was me!!! I get to watch astro all day long (Gots ta pay the bill first but thats trivial) And I dont have any excuse for not hitting the gym now so I guess thats on the agenda as well as lots n lots a bloggin'! Don't worry dear page I shall ignore you no longer (This said very dramatically!!) Anyhu, to my first agenda, I shall now proceed to sleep for 24 hours straight and dream of eating lots of eggs benedict and drinking lotsa mint mocha
Ciao..... for now