Friday, February 13, 2009

But you still don't know me

So I was tagged on the facebook thing, was too lazy to come up with a new post and I decided to copy paste that here. After reading your blogs and being thoroughly amused by how mental most of you are, I updated my bloglist, if I still haven't added yours, usijali, it's coming, I just chokaad doing that add thing...... Here goes....

So now ave been tagged for this 25 things bout me thingy and I thought I'd give it a try..... y'all know the rules; tag the person who tagged you and 25 other peeps to do the same.... sawa basi twende kazi.....

1. Most people wonder why my name is spelt different from the norm, urm sorry to bust your pweety bubbles but I am not that creative, the pastor who was writing my baptism certificate misspelt my names so many times, I just took the closest one!
2. I can be extremely superficial! I refused to buy a grey/black/silver laptop because I think they look too cliché, never mind the specs!
3. People tell me I mood swing a lot. I personally just think that a very colourful cast of characters resides in me and each character has to be given their 15 minutes of fame
4. I’m scared shitless at the thought of going to see my OBGYN, must be those duck lips, the violation!!
5. I love African literature; I am currently in the process of trying to collect the whole of the African Writers Series.
6. Pick up lines are a constant source of amusement and entertainment for me, as in seriously, the sheer idiocy of men thinking those things will work!!
7. There’s something about clubs and hot strangers that makes me just act a fool, add tequila to that equation and you have the topic of conversation for the next three coffee get-togethers with my gurlfwenz....
8. I absolutely love my locs, they were inspired in small part after meeting a certain fella named D... refer to no. 9
9. I have an absolute thing for men with locs.... it’s a fetish!!
10. I am not intelligent. (Yes, I came out the closet about my blondeness!!) I talk so much one or two intelligent things are bound to escape, people just tend to focus on that
11. The biggest compliment you can pay me is telling me that I am mature..... many a man has scored big points using that compliment
12. I want a pet monkey that I can teach how to use the toilet, I tried with men and failed!
13. I absolutely can’t stand it when men leave my toilet seat up!!!!! Urrrrrgh!!!! See No. 12
14. I have been told I have built a wall around my heart, who hasn’t?
15.It really pisses me off when a man wants out from a relationship and claims he is doing it for her best interest. Oh come on! If her best interests did not lie in that relationship don’t you think she’d have left your sorry ass a long time ago??? (Woosah!!!)
16. I usually oscillate between thinking that sex is overrated and that it’s God’s gift to mankind.
17. Am a die-hard BMW F1 supporter but I secretly root for Kimi Raikonnen and get delirious when he wins a grand prix (Urm, guess it’s not so secret anymore)
18. I carry a dictionary around with me in my handbag, don't ask me why
19. I name inanimate objects; my laptop is sherby, my phone Oliver, my favourite teaspoon Al....
20. My sanity, or lack thereof has come into question on numerous occasions
21. I still can’t understand why world peace has not been achieved yet
22. I secretly watch and enjoy kid programs like that’s so Raven, Hannah Montana, Teletubbies, Gummi Bears..... (hmm, I guess that’s also not so secret anymore!)
23. My friends T-baby and S-luv insist that I hate clowns, I insist otherwise. I am just generally very suspicious of them, I think that anyone who can have a job as depressing as being a clown has the capacity to become a serial killer.
24. Perpetual procrastination is a disease. I have been afflicted since as long ago as I can remember
25. For number 25 c_c_c_call me and we'll discuss futher

Off now to find 25 other random crazies to tag and make their lives miserable coming up with these 25 thingies, if you are on my blogroll consider yourselve tagged or even if you happen to read this... have a fabulous one now won't you?!!!cHiArZ!!

Uthando Lwakho - Nhlanhla Nciza
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Soul Music - Lisa McClendon

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The blame game

This past weekend was so good it took the whole of yesterday to ponder on it and think about posting about it, and even then all I’ll say about it is that it was (To quote the great and wise guru Barney) LEGENDARY!! I would post pictures to further expound on the legendaryness of the weekend but in all honesty I am a fat lazy woman and can’t be bothered to figure out how to manipulate the upload thingy to make them look even more legendary than it was!! Hapo tosha!!

Now, moving on to other matters of national importance, since we’re currently blaming virtually every single thing on our MP’s I wonder what I can get away with blaming them about..... If I was in primary now I’d never do my homework, then if the teacher asked guess what I’d say... (Oh, is it that obvious?!) “My MP ate my homework sir!” But since I’m no longer in primary school I think I’ll get into the office at midday tomorrow and tell boss man “Sir, it was that MP of ours, he punctured my tires!” Or now that I am in major trouble with my editor because of bailing out on a marketing trip when I meet her I think I’ll blame it on the MPs. Just imagine the possibilities (Rubbing my hands together in sheer glee as I contemplate this)!! They’re endless!! Oh the fun!! You see, our MP’s are not all that bad, at the very least they provide such perfect scapegoats!! This week try getting away with blaming them for something like forgetting to buy you’re considerable other flowers for valentines. Go ahead, you know you want to; don’t deny you want to do it!! (Muhahaha!)


Maxwell – fortunate

Shirley Scott – Autumn leaves

Babyface – Seven days


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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breaking News!!

This just in: After a serious battle that pitted Loco’s main faculties against each other, we have been informed that mind, body and soul have finally reached an agreement!! (Why do I still have this nasty habit of getting ahead of myself in all posts? Okay folks, to the genesis it is!) My mind was tired and went on strike. It demanded a holiday and threatened to go on permanent leave if its workload was not reduced significantly. After pleas, bargains, formation of commissions of inquiry, investigations and over the mental table discussions, a compromise was reached. It was decided that for the rest of the week the mind will take a vacation from thinking about the following things:

· - Problems (Mine, other people’s my neighbour’s cat’s, those induced by the recession like my wallet’s, the environment’s or those induced by politics)

· - Politics, politicians, politricking and all derivatives thereof

· - What could have, should have, would have, must be but was not or has not been done

· - Crime, it’s consequence and things that grow and fester in its backyard

· - The bogeyman and his companions lurking under my bed

· - All forms of aches and pains

· - Disaster, calamity, catastrophe

· - Things with lines that one has to read between and those with print that can be deemed fine

What can I say, what the mind wants, the mind gets. Mind over matter.

In other news, it is good to see some bloggers get back to blogging after what seem like a desertion of sorts in blogsville. Nzembi, Savvy, Pink M in her new digz and even Potash! Someone please send A son the memo.

Prelude for lovers – Foreplay
Goodmorning – John Legend
Strawberries – Hugh Masakhela

The little engine that could – Watty Piper (With pop-outs and illustrations)