Friday, May 29, 2009

The cool down post

"We gon' cool down on this one, you just recline right now turn this up... Turn the track up but you get low..." Intro to Cool down - Jazz Liberators featuring Raashan Ahmad.

I'm a cool down person. There is nothing I love more than just taking it easy, laying back and closing my eyes with no distractions, just freeing my mind. Like my music. I love slow, lazy, rhythmic, calming the soul and massaging the chi back to life kind of music. "Relax into the melody..."

Like cashew nuts and almonds with raisins and yogurt, or a foamy froth at the right Fahrenheit (Frosty) on a warm day with a light breeze in a fluttering dress on the Indian ocean coast "Escape 9 to 5, cool out, the sunset touch...."

Like the picture Zamajobe paints in my head of ndawo yami, my heart, a field with grass so green and so mossy soft, and a stream that I could dip my toes in because when you cool your feet the rest of you keeps cool including your mind "Recline *ahhh* inhale nature..."

Like good soft poetry, the cliche type with a steady drum line in the background and the drip-drop of consciousness as it trickles into my mind "Out of the crowd, blaze your bliss, blossom the boom box with this..."

Like afterglow. After slow sweet sensual love with the scented candles and the cigarette lit, feeling complete in more ways than one "Cool down, relax, chill, slow down baby, love plus the sun is where I'm from...."

Like when the rain is strumming against my window and the sky is deliciously darkened. Home alone with my thoughts and a pen to siphon them onto a paper with, soulful jazz notes and a glass of sweet Californian red to keep me company "Right the rhythm radiant rustle the rain rock steady...."

Like I. Like he. Like just being. If only for a few stolen moments, Just Being.

To better understand this post, I suggest you put off your phone, kick back, sink into an easy chair, ease your mind, get a cup/ bottle/ glass of your favorite poison, light whatever you prefer to light, fuck the system and listen to Cool-down - Jazz Liberators feat Raashan Ahmad

*Refer above*

On my bookshelve:
Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy

On my wall:
Komushana a.k.a. Sunshine
- Eizzy K


KK said...

I've just been seduced... and I loved it.

Loco said...

@Kei: Hahaha, luvaleee :-) Ehhh, what comes next after the seduction (Blank look goes here)

eizzy.k said...

I feel you LoCo!!!
Love me my Jazz Lib!
They got a new album btw, 'fruits of the past', and since your a cool sistah i'll drop off the dwnload link, check it out at:

P.S. your wall looking super dope!
;-) thanx 4 the support n droping by mine!

bomseh said...

I switch off my phone and I go hungry. I will try this when I get back to Nairobi.

KK said...

Eeerrrr! Yesterday I fell asleep.... Today, anything goes, so long as the seduction is just as good;)

|d®| said...

While reading this, I could instantly feel the tension ebb from my shoulders. I leaned back in my chair, closed my eyes and relaxed my mind, letting my conscience be free.

But then I remembered I was still at work. Damnit!

boyfulaniiii said...

i be flowing along sipping my five-a-write poison, Naporeon.
my eyes are redened with raw desire

...the silhouette seated suggestively against a back drop of yellow sun is now swooning like an easy hammock before me...i fink we should take it to 'another level'... *hiccup* *hiccup*


u such a dreamer and i like.

boyfulani said...

blogger takes ages to load down here.
so i can comment on the previous boasts, er, posts...

the rant one: phew! i cringe to have one of a kind like you tell me off since my mouth is 'variously' sealed. i don't talk much...and no, i aint a pest, so...i am watching from the sidelines and glad the Matador* has cooled down!

Son said...

Why do I get a vision of some illegal herbage and reggae music every time I read this?

Son said...

Why do I get a vision of some illegal herbage and reggae music every time I read this?

Loco said...

@EizzyK Thankyou oh so much for that link I've been looking for that album!!

@Bomseh: Erm, okay, here is a suggestion. Try doing this after eating, that could help :-D

@Dear: But you felt it, if only for a moment *Sigh*

@Son: Haha, to each his own chillage :-D But it could work with some of that herbage (That I do not partake :-) and some twist of marley!

Loco said...

@Son: By the by I can't comment at yours unless I have a wordpress account (Pout)

KK said...

Ahem! Uko?

rodentvs said...

Heh, n i thought I'd only followed cause of the exercise i do hollering your name mangwarengware. Moving *sigh* Acha ntakuja kuimaliza baadaye, total seduction

Anonymous said...


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