Sunday, October 26, 2008

Of politrickal matters

Disclaimer: This is a reeeeeeeally long post.... Bite me!

Recent encounters and happenstances in my life have led me to see that my utter abhorrence for Kenyan politics is no excuse for my ignorance about said issue. And so, in a quest to remedy this situation (the ignorance, not the repugnance) I have plodded many an e-mile to acquire knowledge on the subject of Kenyan politics.

Mad props to the likes of M and Ory of, Mars group at, and other such e-doors that I knocked upon (or barged through) that provided insightful, must-know, information that I believe every Kenyan should have access to. And also to the various bloggers, be they serious, satirical, witty or downright hilarious, who also played a role in helping me understand the ins and outs of Kenyan politics.

Thus far (regardless of how pitifully little I know, and how much more I am still learning, and am yet to learn) I am certain of one or two things.....

Number 1:

Dear Mr/ Mrs/ Ms Politrick... pollituc.... politician,

I no longer just hold you in fine disdain; I now do so with justification and reasoning behind my sentiments. And in case of any uncertainty as to what said sentiments are please let me clarify by assuring you that they vary from antipathy to ‘nauseation ‘(yes I had to coin up a word specifically for you, don’t you just feel special now?)

You have been accorded the enormous task of championing the causes of the people, but thus far you consistently proved that your worth in this society can be equated with that of manure without a bio-gas plant. It seems that every time you open your mouth, it you should only be followed by you rapidly sticking your foot into it, otherwise we are forced to endure your inane and vacuous ramblings.

You have consistently proved that robbing public coffers to feed your already bloated belly is not just your forte, but also your life’s ambition. I cringe at the dawn of each new financial year, as the national budget is read and I find out that you have yet again come up with new ways of robbing the wananchi.

I am young, but despite of my naiveté I don’t see how year after year Kenyan roads are paved solely with intentions instead of tarmac, or how hospitals, that are supposed to be places of healing, continue to languish in deplorable conditions, or how, the economy is supposedly rising and yet this is not felt by the 70 something children in a dilapidated class five classroom being taught by an overworked teacher.

Mr politrick.... (urm, refer to salutation as above) I had hoped you would have been redeemed in my eyes as I gained more insight into your world, but sadly, your already low standing continues to sink into the depths of oblivion.

Number 2:

Dear Mr/ Mrs/ Ms Mwananchi,

How long? How long will we continue to flit and skirt in the periphery of the issues that affect us? How long will we keep discussing these injustices in the comforts of homes and bars?

I reiterate, I am young, but even in my naiveté I believe ‘something’s gotta give’. We as a people have to accept our share of the blame. We keep saying how bad politicians are, but weren’t they once just another you or me? At one point I thought we should stop voting for the ilk we have in power now and start voting for better leaders, but where are these to be found? I’ll tell you where they are to be found. Sitting as aforementioned in homes, bars or other institutions discussing how Kenya needs to change but not willing to be a part of the change.

This cycle has to end! Kumekucha!! It is time for each and every one of us to start taking an active role in changing our country. We can’t keep waiting for the Martin Luthers or Mahatma Gandhis to lead us to the mountaintop. We need to start finding out exactly what the roots of our problem are and work towards mending our country. Speak out in whatever capacity you have. One person’s voice can be feeble and unheard, but who can ignore the voice of a whole country?

Soundtrack: Problems – Modenine Ft Chima ( A. S. I just had to use this one!)


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